Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, it can be very deep much like the state you experience just before you fall asleep at night time or lighter, such as when you travel on a familiar journey and slip into “auto pilot” such that you might have even forgotten elements of the journey once you reach your destination.

During hypnosis, it is much easier for the brain to listen to and process information it is given because the conscious mind (which is the logical voice in your head that is always filtering information that comes in) is less active. It’s a little like occupying the gate keeper (the conscious mind) at a castle entrance so that traffic (or in this instance suggestions for change or improvement) can go in and out more freely.

Hypnosis is safe for children because it is a relaxed state that they already utilise when learning, watching television or doing something creative.

When our practitioners use hypnosis with children or teenagers under 16 years, they will always ask for your written permission to do so beforehand and will fully explain how hypnosis works and why they think it would be useful for your child.

Some children will be able to experience a deep, eyes closed relaxing trance. Others will be more suited to an awakened trance in which the practitioner might use metaphors or stories with hidden suggestions for change and improvement that their unconscious will understand whilst their conscious mind is entertained by the story. Sometimes an awakened trance can be created whilst doing games, colouring or other activities. Our Hypnotherapists are trained to notice the subtle shifts in your child’s levels of awareness so that they can begin to implant suggestions for change or improvement as soon as they see that an awakened trance is achieved.

Your child will never be out of control, switch off or be in a coma type state. Their conscious mind will always be there in the background so that if anything is said which is out of alignment, or if for instance the fire alarm went off, they would be fully aware of it and wake up. The only real side effect is that your child may fall asleep! They will then wake up when they are ready to or can be gently woken by a familiar face.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective at helping children overcome challenges and can work very quickly too. However the speed and effectiveness varies from one child to the next. Once your practitioner has met your child and conducted a consultation they will be able to give you a more accurate idea about how many sessions might be needed and how effective they treatment is likely to be.