7 Steps to Help Beat Anxiety

Typically I am not a superstitious person. I don’t get caught up in “magical thinking” and yet having found out that we have made the finals for the Mum and Working Awards, I felt compelled to ask you to send us some good luck.

Then I remembered the sorts of things I say to my clients. Particularly young people who worry about things not going their way and easily tune into the negatives within a situation.

1. Take responsibility and if it doesn’t work out as you’d hoped avoid blaming others.

2. Persevere. Good results do not often show up by accident but because you stuck with it and kept going.

3. Be open to finding an alternative route to a positive outcome. Just because one thing doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean all hope is gone.

4. Be open minded. The more you step back and observe your circumstances from a distance, the more ideas you’ll get about how to resolve it. Relaxing helps this to happen.

5. Trust your gut feelings because these are based on your previous experiences in similar situations.

6. Expect everything to be alright. It gives you the motivation to keep going even if you haven’t achieved what you wanted to just yet.

7. Tomorrow is another day. Even if it doesn’t work out today there is a new opportunity tomorrow and you have a whole extra days-worth of learning and experience by the time you reach tomorrow, and that might be useful.

By Gemma Bailey

Child Therapist Hertfordshire is a Franchise of NLP4Kids which is owned by Gemma Bailey. NLP4Kids work with children and young adults from the ages of 7 – 18 to help improve their confidence, self-esteem and help deter feelings of depression. We have successfully worked with children who have anxiety, OCD and ADHD to help improve their well being.

We provide workshops and 1:1 sessions within schools and at the NLP4Kids HQ at 15 Queensway, Hemel Hempstead.

For all enquirers or to book a free consultation please email gemma@NLP4Kids.org or Call 020 36677 274 / 07849 604582




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