When You Want To Quit

I am going to be giving you some tips and hints about what to do when you feel like you just want to quit. When you reach the point of feeling like you just can’t do the thing that you’re supposed to be doing and you want to give up. We’re going to start simple! Number one is if you have got a project or plan, something that needs some sort of action taken on your part, maybe it’s just that you need to do life and you’re not doing life very well at the moment. Take a shower, that’s it. When you have yourself a shower it’s going to wake you up a little bit. It’s going to cause some endorphins to get released into your body. 

Get yourself dressed and get yourself looking and feeling presentable as best as you possibly can, you might not be happy with your appearance right now maybe that’s part of what’s holding you back but there are certain things you can do, that you will feel different. If you wear a shirt which has been ironed versus one that’s been crumpled up that’s going to make a difference to how you feel about yourself that day. If you wear clean shoes as opposed to shoes that are caked in mud, you’ll feel differently.

Some other practical things for you to consider as well as having an alarm clock. I have to have an alarm to tell me to go to bed at night because I’m really bad at going to bed at night. I will stay up far too late and then I will feel rubbish the next day. You need to have yourself a good solid routine to help yourself, create a to-do list and get yourself outside more too. Another useful thing to do is to think about like sounds around you so if you are feeling a bit sluggish and like you just cannot move yourself to do the things that you need to be doing put some music on or an inspiring podcast. Music works really well because you can really change your energy using music so maybe get yourself a playlist created. 

Why not say something pleasant to somebody else? The reason for doing this is because of the sort of feedback that you get from them when you pay someone else a compliment. They may be quite taken aback by that in a good way. If they’re going to respond to you in a specific way which will then make you feel good and then you kind of get this like goodness feedback from each other. If you’re feeling low about yourself put compliments out to other people, and notice that they then send love back to you and that’s going to increase the feelings of your own self-worth. Just having nice connections with people and speaking of nice connections have a hug with someone you know – connection is really important in your levels of happiness so make yourself happy by having a little cuddle with someone and that feeling might also give a sense of warmth and belonging and give you a little bit more Drive to do the things that you want to do.

If you have a specific worry or you have a certain decision maybe it’s a big decision that you need to make and that thing is waiting on your mind and that’s why you’re not able at this moment in time to put your energy into doing other stuff, you need to get that thing addressed. My suggestion would be that you talk to someone else about it because sometimes when we’re working through a problem in our own heads we don’t get to see the bigger picture because we’re literally working with this space here. Whereas when you talk to someone else you’ll get some other perspectives on things you might you know just notice that you come up with more of your own ideas as a result of sharing those worries or decisions that you need to make with somebody else. 

Talking to someone else will free up space and energy in your mind. Remember that so much energy goes into thinking sometimes that we’re not able to put our energy into doing the things that we actually want to do. You need to get some of those big worries and big decisions at least not necessarily, done and dusted but at least know what you’re doing with them to then be able to get on and do the things that you really should be doing like living a happy life or doing the projects that you want to be able to do. I hope all of those tips and hints were useful for you.

By Gemma Bailey


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